Sponsorship Guidelines for Community

Guidelines have been developed to assist those seeking sponsorship for community events/activities from Laurens County Health Care Foundation. Proposals are reviewed and assessed quarterly on their suitability and fit with the Foundation’s mission of improving the health of people in our community. Applicants will be notified as to the outcome of their proposal within two weeks of the quarterly review date.

Please limit your request to once per calendar year. Include and prioritize all funding items for the year. Requests will be reviewed within the following deadlines and review dates:

* Quarter I: October 1st for December 31st Decision

* Quarter II: January 2nd for March 29th Decision

* Quarter III: April 1st for June 28th Decision

* Quarter IV: July 1st for September 30th Decision

Information Required

To be considered for sponsorship, Laurens County Health Care Foundation requires completion of an application that includes the following components:

* Description and objectives of community event or project

* History of event and its contribution to our community

* Manner in which the event furthers the Laurens Community

Sponsorship levels and benefits, including...

  • Target audiences
  • Marketing/promotional plans
  • List of committed or previous sponsors to date (including media)
  • Other sources of funding
  • Timeline (including print deadlines)

Apply for Funding